Leather Care Guide

Now that you have invested in a beautiful leather bridle, you will want to keep it looking new and in good condition for a long time. Leather can keep it’s look for years if it has been cared for properly, so make sure you follow our tips to keep your products looking their best and to keep the performance.

Tips how to get the best out of your leather bridle

Leather is a natural product. Taking regular care of your leather products will make them last a long time. Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity and general wear can take a toll on any leather product. Much like our skin leather needs to be moisturised and cared for to prevent it from drying out or cracking. Proper care will prevent this from happening. Before use, we always recommend for you to oil your bridle. Use a soft damp cloth (wring the cloth until it is merely damp). Allow for your bridle to dry naturally. Using a good leather oil and conditioner helps maintain the product. After each use, wipe away any dirt and grease.


Too much excessive sunlight can dry out leather which will weaken it over time. To keep your bridle looking it’s best for longer and to prevent it from drying out, apply a good leather conditioner every couple of weeks and leave it to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight.


Scratches are unavoidable on the daily basis of our sport. Constant training and hard work is the name of our game after-all. To treat scratches rub a bit of leather conditioner, on a clean dry cloth and leave it to dry naturally out of direct sunlight.

Daily Wear

If you are using your bridle on a daily basis, you will need to clean and condition it to keep it at it’s best. To protect your bridle store it in a bridle bag away from direct sunlight.

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