Browband Care & Size Guide

We all love our horses to be looking sparkly and super smart. Browbands are a show piece (just like a piece of jewellery) we must take care of them for them to last.

When it comes to taking care of your horse’s browband, it is essential to ensure that the metal claws holding the crystals are securely fastened. Before and after each use, it is highly recommended to inspect the browband and make sure that the metal claws are firmly in place. These metal claws play a crucial role in keeping the crystals intact and preventing them from falling out. In the event that you notice any loosened metal claws, simply press them back down to secure the crystals and maintain the longevity of your browband.

When using any browband, it is important to prevent your horse from rubbing its head to avoid any potential damage to the browband.

How do i clean my browband?

The best way to clean your browband is by using a soft bristled toothbrush dipped in a little luke warm water with a little fairy liquid, with your finger spray excess water from the toothbrush so it is lightly damp and gently clean the crystals then pat dry the crystals with a dry smooth cloth (we do not recommend using detergents as that can damage the leather)

To clean your browband first check to make sure all the claws are firmly covering the crystals

Get a soft bristled toothbrush and a small bowl of luke warm water with a couple of drops of fairy liquid and mix.

Dip the toothbrush into the like warm water and with your finger gently rub the toothbrush to get excess water off.

Lay your browband on a flat surface and start to gently clean the crystals in an up down position with the toothbrush.

When finished cleaning the crystals make sure all the claws are covering them.

To get them shining get a dry smooth cloth and pat dry.

Ice Equestrian Browband Size Guide     

Snap clip Browbands are designed to be slightly bigger to accommodate the fitting. It is recommended to choose your normal size as this does not impact the fitting for your horse or pony. However, it is important to ensure a proper fit to avoid any discomfort for your horse. Please note that handmade variations may result in a few millimeters difference in sizes.

Size Of HorseSize Inches
Shetland Pony13
Extra Full17

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